Ethics and Values

The Seeds of Spirit range is designed here in Melbourne and made from authentic vintage saris from Nepal that were carefully selected and Up-cycled into a beautiful piece of wearable art.

This makes our creations eco-friendly by using recycled materials, as we are reducing the demand for producing more silks and therefore not adding to the carbon footprint that is already high in developing countries surrounding production. It also means each piece is completely unique, not one is the same as the other, and that it carries a mysterious and mystical story along with it. 

Seedsa of Spirit also endeavours on many other efforts to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible as a business. We use all electronic marketing, promotions and business communication methods and anything requested to be printed is done so on recycled paper. At our stall we use eco-friendly bags and as minimum power usage as we can. 
Each year, Carmela spends time in Nepal not only to hand pick the most alluring materials and make new designs but also to ensure and work alongside the Seeds of Spirit team in Kathmandu. By spending time and bonding in a close relationship with the team, Carmela is able to ensure all steps of the process are aligning with the principles of fair trade.

This means that profits go directly to the craftspeople and not to a bigger organisation, that everyone involved works in a clean, safe and happy working environment, that everyone receives a fair wage and that absolutely no child labour is present. 

Carmela holds the upmost respect and love for the friends and long lasting business relationships she was made during her time in Nepal, this determines that Seeds of Spirit and any impact it makes in its process helps rather than exploits the people in which we work with.  
We use handmade and small scale production methods to support the incredible production skills of ur team in Nepal and also ensure they have a fair salary for their skilful efforts.